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Securities lawyers at Mika Meyers, PLC are investigating potential claims against brokerage firms that sold private placement securities issued by GPB Capital.

Late last year, news reports revealed that the SEC and FINRA were investigating potential securities laws violations by GPB and the brokerage firms which helped to sell GPB securities to thousands of investors nationwide. More recently, it was reported that the FBI had served GPB with a search warrant for its New York headquarters. Although the details of the various government investigations are not publicly available at this time, a complaint filed against GPB in a private lawsuit by a business partner, Prime Automotive, alleges that GPB has been falsely inflating its financials and running a Ponzi-like scheme to defraud investors.

The GPB offerings raised $1.8 billion from investors, tens of millions of which went towards the payment of commissions to brokers. Two of the largest GPB funds have suffered losses of 40% of their value and halted distributions to investors.

Brokerage firms that participated in the GPB offerings include:
Accelerated Capital Group
Advisory Group Equity Services, Ltd
Aegis Capital Corp
Avere Financial Group, LLC
Axiom Capital Management, Inc.
Cape Securities, Inc.
Capital Financial Services, Inc.
Woodbury Financial Services, Inc.
Triad Advisors, LLC
Stephen A. Kohn & Associates, Ltd.
David A. Noyes & Company
Capital Investment Group, Inc.
Dawson James Securities, Inc.
D.H. Hill Securities, LLLP
Crystal Bay Securities, Inc.
IBN Financial Services, Inc.
Lewis Financial Group, L.C.
Lion Street Financial, LLC
Money Concepts Capital Corp.
Purshe Kaplan Sterling Investments
Uhlmann Price Securities, LLC
Aeon Capital, Inc.
American Capital Partners, LLC
Arete Wealth Management, LLC
BCG Securities, Inc.
Benjamin & Jerold Brokerage I, LLC
Cascade Financial Management, Inc.
Center Street Securities, Inc.
Wilmington Capital Securities, LLC
Vanderbilt Securities, LLC
United Planners’ Financial Services of America, LP
Coastal Equities, Inc.
DFPG Investments, Inc.
Innovation Partners LLC
Detalus Securities, LLC
FSC Securities Corp.
Investment Architects, Inc.
Lowell & Company, Inc.
Madison Avenue Securities, Inc.
National Securities Corp.
Sandlapper Securities, LLC
Vestech Securities, Inc.
Arkadios Capital
Ascendant Alternative Strategies, LLC
Ausdal Financial Partners, Inc.
Cabot Lodge Securities, LLC
Colorado Financial Service Corp.
Calton & Associates, Inc.
Concorde Investment Services, LLC
Windsor Street Capital, LP
Westpark Capital, Inc.
Western International Securities, Inc.
Crown Capital Securities, L.P.
Financial West Group
Kalos Capital, Inc.
Landolt Securities, Inc.
Geneos Wealth Management, Inc.
Kingsbury Capital, Inc.
McNally Financial Services Corp.
Orchard Securities, LLC
Silber Bennett Financial, Inc.
Whitehall-Parker Securities, Inc.

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