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Securities Fraud

What is securities fraud?

There are a multitude of state and federal laws that make it unlawful to mislead and defraud investors in connection with the purchase or sale of securities. The best known of these laws is Section 10(b) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and its accompanying regulation, Rule 10b-5.

Each of the 50 States has its own set of securities laws, known as “blue sky” laws. Many States have modeled their blue sky laws on the Uniform Securities Act, which contains a variety of different civil liability provisions.

Do I have a securities fraud claim?

If a person misrepresented something to you, or withheld important information from you, in connection with the purchase or sale of a security (e.g., stock, bond, variable annuity), there is a good chance that you have a securities fraud claim against that person or entity. Generally speaking, it doesn’t matter if the misrepresentation was written or oral, or whether it was made to you individually, or to a group of investors.

Can I consult with a lawyer about my securities fraud claim?

If you think that you may be the victim of securities fraud, you should contact an experienced securities law attorney immediately. We have attorneys who specialize in securities fraud cases. If you would like to set up a free consultation, call investor-claims attorney Daniel J. Broxup toll-free at (1-888) 607-4819.